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Welcome to RobinsComics
Lovers of fine old comics, the ones you loved when you were young.

Following is a connisseurs collection of fine classic titles spread over a wide range of my old favourites.

In Christchurch New Zealand in the early to mid '70s, growing up in Papanui, there was a fine little second hand comics shop just up Main North Rd a bit from the roundabout, right next to the old Herald newspaper office, back in the days of the Barclay Cinema and the Purple Pool Parlour. The comic shop was almost directly opposite Winston Ave and I'd park my banana bike outside. The comic shop is now either the Antiques shop or the Shosha Vape shop that is there now, between the ANZ Bank and Cartridge World. I was too young to view the playboys at the back of the shop... but I'd always head home with as many comics as I could swap and buy. It was 2 for 1 swap and buying was only a few cents each.

I collected each week over the years from about 8yrs old when mum bought me my first Beano, mainly English comics like The Beano, Dandy, Knockout, Cor, Whizzer&Chips, Buster, Tiger, Lion, Roy of the Rovers, Scorcher, Monster Fun, Whoopee and Action. Also loved Disney, Harvey, Gold Key, Archie and other kids funnies.

Nowadays, comics still come from second hand shops but there aren't the piles of comics anymore, lots of those old comics are gone and collectors snap 'em up when they see them, also at garage sales, sunday morning markets, and the online auctions.
In saying that... Whilst in Christchurch again recently, Early October 2012, One good comic shop I stumbled upon and visited is Davids Book Exchange at 14 Bower Ave, New Brighton. I bought 4 or 5 good Disney including Donald Duck, Super Goof and a few others. David has a good collection of comics, magazines and books. His original shop was earthquake damaged so had to relocate to this new spot. I highly recommend a visit to see David if you get the chance.

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